Here we are keeping the films we've produced, as well as those which we have been implicated in one form or another.

Some age better than others, and viewing quality is not always optimal, but we expect you to know to appreciate the work and enthusiasm that is invested in each of them.
WHERE'S BEAUTY? (¿DÓNDE QUEDÓ LA BELLEZA?) - Enrique Cerrejón (2012)
In a contemporary art museum, a sculpture engages in a discussion about whether they are "art" and deserve to be recognized as such.
THE DATE (LA CITA) - Enrique Cerrejón (2008)
In a faraway place in a world beyond the stars, a living being is immensely happy because he has a date!
There live a lot of strange people in the Forgotten Village... The latest arrival is a girl with a strange curse: who touches her will die.
MANOLO ® - César Esteban Alenda (2005)
What appears to be a simple fault in the air conditioning duct of a bar, is complicated, and Manolo has just lost inside a maze of tubes.
JAIRO - Enrique Cerrejón (2003)
Jairo is a very sad boy, and he doesn't expect that a mattress will come into his life.
FASE ALFA: EXPLORACIÓN - Enrique Cerrejón (2002)
An alien spacecraft encounters with our planet, and his crew decide to make a "brief" reconnaissance mission before starting a full-scale invasion.
COPY - Enrique Cerrejón (2002)
Experimental work in which a living being from another dimension comes across a mysterious clone which is inexorably headed.
EL HOMBRE DEL LABERINTO - Miguel López y Enrique Cerrejón (2000)
A man lives locked in his own world, a labyrinth that is both his home and prison.
His dream is to escape and discover the beautiful world that awaits beyond its doors.
CARACOL, COL, COL... - Enrique Cerrejón (2000)
After an intense rain, the sun's rays bathe the shell of our friend the snail. Without thinking twice, he goes for a walk.
EXTERMINIO - Enrique Cerrejón (2000)
The exterminator lands on the planet of the flipins. He goes well equipped and his cruel task presents no problem.
MATTEMUNDO - Enrique Cerrejón (1999)
Mattemundo is the story of a robot who lives in this strange place. His life is quiet until another robot comes their way, rolling it at high speed by motor feet.
MEN IN BLACK - Enrique Cerrejón (1999)
Music video parody of the movie "Men in Black".

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Other works

SOLITARIO PERO VIVO - Miguel López y Enrique Cerrejón (2003)
Music video for the song "Solitario pero vivo" by the band "Enclave". >It recounts a meeting between the world of the living and the spirits.
TAI CHI - Enrique Cerrejón (2002)
The visual strength of the movements of Tai Chi Chuan leads us to know the different ways of understanding this martial art, its basic characteristics and history.
EQUILIBRIO - Enrique Cerrejón (2002)
Experimental short film posed three classic acts into which a history and emotional involvement are looking through a toy and its movement.
DENTRO DE TUS OJOS - Enrique Cerrejón (2001)
To the rhythm of music we enter in a blue world to wander around its nature and landscapes.
PRÍNCIPES - Miguel López (2001)
This story take place in a small planet inhabited by two brothers.
For her he had always been him and for him she was just her, but one day...

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